Your Online-Constellation-Board!


This is the home of the new Online Constellation Board. The systemic constellation board (also called family constellation board), which has been so successful in consulting, therapy and coaching, will be presented in a highly detailed virtual space.

It will offer many of the unbeatable interventions and consulting methods of the offline systemic constellation board, but in some ways it will be even better than the presence tool..

Preview of Functions

System board options - online and offline

The presence tool is characterized by many possibilities of designing the consulting process. They will also be available to the Online Constellation Board. Here is a comparison of the possibilities:

Functions, possibilities offline online
Select pieces and position them on the entire board in 3D view x x
Rotate figures and thus set up the directions of view in the most precise way x x
Remove pieces from the board x x
Swap and change figures x x
Free the observer’s perspective by “walking” around the board x x
Freely arrange the distance of the observer to the board by “stepping back and forth” x x
Freely design the perspective on the board – from frog’s perspective (just above the ground) – to eagle’s eye view (from the very top, central) x x
Large selection of figures available x x
Unlimited number of figures available x
Experience the board from the inside view of the pieces x
Label figures for better documentation x
Show arbitrary backgrounds and rooms x

Operating instructions

Basic functions

As a general rule

It is advisable to work slowly. Perform the clicks and movements carefully and give the system enough time to react. Depending on the internet connection, the system can react to your impulses with a short delay.

Select figures and place them on the board

Click “F” or press the “F” key on your keyboard. Click on the desired figure – the figure appears on the board.

Place figures

Click on the desired figure, hold the mouse button down and move the figure to its place.

Turn figures

Click on the figure. Buttons with arrows will appear on the screen and at the foot of the selected figure, allowing you to rotate the figure very precisely.

Show additional functions

Click the button with the arrow to show and hide additional functions. The functions are:

B – Show and hide background (background)
C – center board view
Q – Go from the inside to the board view (quit)
D – delete a figure

Center the board

Press the “C” (center) key on the computer keyboard or the “C” button on the screen to return the board to a “zero position” at any time.

Inside view of the figures

One of the most valuable functions of the online constellation board is the inside view of the figures. To do this, double-click on the desired figure.
You can exit the interior view by clicking on “Q” or pressing the “Q” key on the keyboard.

Naming the figures

Click on the figure you want to name. An input field with the label “Figure Label” appears at the top right of the browser window. Here you can enter the label for the figure and click “OK” to display it.
The label with the figure label “floats” above the figure and can be read from the front of the figure. 
By clicking on the sign, the sign is deleted and the figure can be re-labelled.